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Customer Experience

When Metadynea in 2013 had a change in ownership, the Finance Department found themselves having to manage two different requirement systems; one from the old owner and one from the new.

Moreover, the finance department struggled with old systems that were heavy to work in. They required many manual tasks and had no automation. As they used several systems, it was difficult to get a unified overview and they had to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

Metadynea especially had a challenge with finishing the monthly reports on time and the data were not accurate enough.

To put an end to the challenges, Metadynea set out to find a new solution that had to live up to the following demands. It should be a solution that would let them create reports in a structured way and a solution that could handle the different requirements from the previous and current owner. Lastly, the solution should also have an appropriate size for a mid-sized company.

An external consultant had previously worked with Prophix. He knew that it worked well with other BI systems and proposed it to the headquarters.

The implementation

When Metadynea decided to implement Prophix, the Finance Department had great influence on how their solution should be.

Before and during the implementation they had several workshops with a Prophix consultant from Columbus where they step-by-step focused on Metadynea’s requirements.

The implementation took three months, which is the standard implementation period for a Prophix solution, and went well.

“The implementation went very smoothly. We focused on having the underlying architecture in place, before we started to build the solution, and that made the implementation process go as planned,” says Lars Bo Nielsen, Manager of Business Intelligence at Columbus.

The use

Metadynea has a special solution where they use Prophix in many areas of their business and in both English and Russian.

  • Management reporting for Russia (profit and loss statement with a lot of detailed reports)
  • Internal management reporting (other structure of profit and loss, IFRS balance, main working capital report, sales reports for analyze of customer/product profitability, value added analyze)
  • Austrian GAAP (profit and loss and balance)
  • Consolidation package (profit and loss and balance according to IFRS, but with Russian structure)
  • Fixed assets report

The benefits:

Better data

“Prophix is much better than Excel spreadsheets. I admit I was not sure Prophix was the best solution for our work, but after I started using it, I know Prophix is much better. Prophix’ advantage is that it has a database behind it, which means that the numbers are more trustworthy and correct,” says Finance and controlling specialist at Metadynea, Viktoria Biktaeva.

Excellent reporting

Where Metadynea before had trouble delivering reports on time, reports are now available from day to day and with a higher data quality.

“We save time compared to if we had to do the reporting in Excel” says Viktoria Biktaeva.


The flexibility is one of the best features in Prophix. If there is a mistake in the numbers, it is easy to find and correct.

“I can build the reports I want with the dimensions I want or combine them with the different databases,” says Viktoria Biktaeva.

Moreover, if the Finance Department wants to do a task, which is not in Prophix, they found it very easy to implement.

Company overview

Metadynea is a daughter company of OJSC Metafrax, and produces formaldehyde-based Resins for wood industry and specialties for chemical industry .
Industry: Chemical Industry
Established in 1949
Head office: Metadynea in Krems and Metafrax in Gubakha -Russia
Annual revenue: 175 000 k€
Employees: 175
G/L: Microsoft Dynamics AX


  • Automated budgeting, forecasting and reporting models
  • Faster processes
  • More trustworthy data
  • Better reporting process
  • More flexibility in creating reports
  • More time to analytic work


Columbus is an industry-based consultancy and award-winning technology developer focused on the manufacturing, food processing, and retail industries. They are a preferred consultancy for ambitious companies wanting to streamline business processes, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve visibility into their businesses.

Since 2008, Prophix have had a strategic global partnership with Columbus, and jointly, with great success, accommodated a number of international companies demand for performance management solutions.

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