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8 things retailers should know about digitally empowered customers

09 august, 2018
8 things to know about the digitally empowered customer in retail
9. august 2018

Learn 8 tips for engaging the digitally empowered customer to build loyalty and drive profitability.

In our previous blog we saw how the customer has evolved from being in the traditional funnel to being the decision maker. Today’s consumers are super savvy with technology on their fingertips making them well-informed and sophisticated in the way they shop across channels. Therefore, for retailers, the key is to meet up to the discerning shopper’s high expectations around customer experience (CX). Here are 8 tips for engaging the digitally empowered customer to build loyalty and drive profitability: 

1. Omnichannel customer experience: Integrate the bricks and clicks to offer a seamless shopping experience. Customize all your channels be it mobile, online or social to engage customers at all times.

2. Right information at the right time: Extend information like what your store offers, stock availability, store locations etc., all up-to-date across all the channels consistently to your customers. 

3. Authenticity: Be clear in your communication about your products – shipping information and product quality. This is one critical area where retailers are likely to lose customers.

4. Return or exchange: Consumers expect an easy and smooth way to return or exchange the products. For example, if a consumer bought a product online, he should have the option to return it offline, at a store nearby.

5. Cross-channel promotions: Offer customer exciting offers not limiting to one channel but across all the channels. This can make them hooked to your brand for a longer time to come.

6. In-store experience: Make the in-store experience memorable by empowering employees with the right knowledge about products on display, offers, and delivering exceptional customer service.

7. Capture customer behaviours: Have a system in place, online or offline that tracks the consumer shopping patterns. This will allow you to personalize your offerings tailored to their needs.

8. Greet and retain: Consumer data you capture enables you to greet them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. This helps retain customers and build loyalty.


Watch this video and find out how our digitally empowered customer, Karen has the perfect shopping experience:



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