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European Metal Recycling (EMR)

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One of the world's leading metal recyclers has unified business operations and simplified company accounts with Columbus and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

European Metal Recycling (EMR) is a global leader in metal recycling with a mission to create resource from recycling.  Their core business is focused around the recycling of scrap metal from a range of sources such as consumer products, construction, demolition, and end-of-life vehicles.

EMR operates in 150 locations around the world with more than 4,000 employees. As a leader in the industry with constant organic and acquisitional growth, they were looking to streamline operations and get rid of disparate, manual processes to maximise efficiencies and enable continued growth.



The Challenge:

Scrap collection is a regulated business with a less than 1% margin which makes it even more important for EMR to focus on efficiency gains and more automated processes.  EMR was looking for ways to regulate customer transactions and landfill targets, understanding that you cannot make your customers more efficient, but you can provide better ways to engage to increase those efficiencies. 

Due to a rich history of acquistions, EMR was also facing the challenge of dealing with multiple disparate systems & processes. With locations around the world, dealing with separate, local suppliers made regulations difficult to implement and reporting was often manual.

Additionally, with their existing in-house software, consolidation of EMR’s 100+ legal entities could only be performed once a year as it took six months of work.  In short, EMR was looking for a solution that would help them manage their business in a smarter, not harder, way.


The Solution:

EMR was looking for an end-to-end solution that would help them tackle their current challenges and enable them to grow and succeed in the future.  The unified approach to business apps that Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides was appealing to EMR.  They saw the opportunity to implement a cohesive solution to help them in the here and now and the capability to expand that solution over time to tackle things like preventative maintenance and a more dynamic HR system.  They selected Columbus to implement this solution based on our relationship with Microsoft and our ability to deliver the full Microsoft stack using tried and true methodology and industry experience.

With Columbus, EMR is looking to introduce new technologies into their business to inject more efficiency including smart phones, tablets and apps to allow data to be transferred faster, speed up approvals processes and offer more efficient ‘standardised’ training.  They are also exploring the possibility of using IoT technology to manage their machines and assets by collecting and analysing the data proactively.  All of this will allow their people to achieve more and help EMR to continue to achieve its environmental mission.

Watch the video to find out more about how Columbus is helping EMR digitally transform their business: 


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