Expertise and solutions to deliver sustainable results for distributors

An effective ERP solution can be the difference in surviving and thriving in an intensely competitive industry. With a sound technology foundation that lets you manage customers, products, multiple sales channels, the supply chain, and business operations, you find time to think and plan your next step. For both new and established distributors targeting B2B or B2C customers, ERP can make it possible to deliver a consistent, outstanding customer experience and build a strong presence in new markets.

Columbus has helped many emerging and well-established distributors reach their goals in the presence of global competitors which have almost unlimited resources. We can help you realize a connected strategy that capitalizes on your unique value proposition and carries it into the future.

In distribution, things can change very quickly. An immediate feedback loop between your customers and your products, employees, and brand puts you to the test many times every day. Columbus helps you take control of a business that can look as unpredictable as the weather. The right mix of solutions, business insight, and expertise enables you to meet your objectives and thrive.

Critical Issue we help you address

  • Provide an optimal customer experience

    Across all of your distribution channels, provide an environment where customers can view inventory, learn about the products they need, place orders and look at past orders.

  • Reach your target markets

    Enter the B2B and B2C market segments where you see the most potential in a targeted, controlled manner, continuously assessing the return on your spending and efforts.

  • Anticipate and meet customer needs

    Apply your warehousing solutions’ and the ERP system’s insight tools to gain intelligence and spot trends. Position operations, the supply chain, and inventory to deliver what customers want.

  • Direct growth efficiently

    No matter whether you are new to distribution or want to engage in additional channels, you can realize a successful distribution strategy without a huge resource and cost sink.

  • Empower customer-facing employee

    In the field, the call center, and anywhere else where your team connects with customers, provide your people with all the resources and information to be effective.

  • Compete with the category leaders

    You don’t need to be a large, global organization to serve customers well and generate revenue. The right technology can help you run a successful, growing distribution operation.