Food industry expertise and solutions to feed your transformation

When you source, manufacture, or distribute food items, your responsibilities and risks span from farms and fishing boats to individual consumers’ plates. No wonder that many ambitious, growing food companies are passionate about using technology that can help them improve quality, compliance, process efficiency, and profitability.

The Columbus food industry team has served food companies for more than 25 years. There are few challenges in the food industry that we have not solved somewhere in the world. Today, we combine innovative cloud, mobility, eCommerce, and IoT solutions with powerful ERP so you can transform the way you operate and meet customer needs.

When your products are consumed by people, quality is as much of a business-critical concern as the basics of running a productive and profitable operation. The food industry experts at Columbus know what it’s like to run a high-risk business that has to meet ambitious quality and performance goals. We help you create and make the best possible products, distribute them efficiently, and meet regulatory and corporate quality standards with minimal cost and complexity.

Critical issues we help you address

  • Reduce food waste

    Minimize spoilage, improve quality assurance, control stock, and increase inventory turns as you boost customer satisfaction.

  • Meet demand

    Understand and anticipate demand patterns. Sync supply and demand to balance inventory.

  • Keep food safe

    Disarm always looming safety threats, ensure regulatory compliance, and trace products and ingredients for possible recalls.

  • Become more productive

    Streamline operations across sites, entities, regions, and countries with best practice-driven business process management.

  • Simplify recalls

    Ensure complete transparency with effective tracking of lots from receipt, through manufacturing and internal transfers, to customer shipment.

  • Galvanize the supply chain

    Embed upstream and downstream trading partners into your efforts to apply your KPIs to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Cloud Transformation Series

Food manufacturing is better at the speed of the cloud

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