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Columbus teams have performed hundreds of manufacturing deployments. We have had the privilege of accompanying and supporting manufacturers as they turn from local innovators into global, industry-leading enterprises, evolving their technology infrastructure as growth demands. Our customers make complex production assets, machining products, lighting systems, agricultural equipment, industrial components, wood products, surfacing solutions, building control systems, and lots more. Even with that broad diversity of companies and usage scenarios, Columbus solutions typically meet 80 percent or more of our manufacturing customers’ requirements before we adjust them to company-specific requirements.

When you engage with Columbus, you benefit from many person years of manufacturing expertise as well as a meaningful perspective of where the industry and ERP are going. That translates into solution enhancements that can make a difference in the success of your business transformation. Other Columbus offerings, including Columbus Mobility, Columbus Webstore, and ColumbusCare complement and multiply the value of your manufacturing solutions.

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