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Retail ERP from Columbus provides you with a single, integrated environment where you can manage your entire business and all its retail channels, easily scaling to support growth in terms of customers, products, transactions, and target market. Customer accounts, order details, finance, distribution, and operations connect seamlessly so you can efficiently source, manufacture, or assemble the products customers want and offer them in their preferred channel. If you want to reach your B2B and B2C customers through a new eCommerce venture, you can do so with ease and in consistency with your brand and customer preferences.

Columbus retail ERP is designed to be easy to use for the people in your customer-facing operations as well as the back office. Columbus Mobility tools keep retail employees close to customers, so they can answer questions and look up information without disrupting conversations. Columbus RapidValue BPM provides the framework for aligning your systems and processes with your business strategy. ColumbusCare maintains the long-term value of your retail solutions.

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