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Why manufacturing is better in the cloud [animation]

3 February, 2017
Manufacturing animation - machine learning
Manufacturing in the cloud

I’m sure that you’ve been thinking about the possibilities that the cloud can bring to your manufacturing business, but are unsure of the real benefits after transformation. Well, we can explain exactly what difference the cloud can make to your operations!

By transforming your business in the cloud you can unleash growth, and increase your productivity, but that isn’t all…

For many manufacturers, evolving maintenance from condition-based to predictive, enabled by data insight from the IoT, is an important use case for cloud technologies. Your analysis of data coming from IoT-connected sensors on equipment and machinery in your own production facility or the machine products you place on customer sites makes it possible to anticipate and avoid breakdowns, compromised performance levels, and poor productivity caused by equipment malfunctions!

This intelligence keeps machinery operating at top performance, improving the business outcomes from investments in industrial assets and products.

So there’s just one of the ways that transforming to the cloud could bring benefit to your manufacturing company. If you’re interested in learning even more about how your operations can be transformed and optimised in the cloud, watch our manufacturing in the cloud animation below:




How do you feel about moving to the cloud now? Our guide, How to move to the cloud [insert link] can help you to understand even more about the transformation and details what your next steps look like. By downloading How to move to the cloud, you will discover:

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