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A day in the life series: Connecting the dots with Microsoft technology

18 May, 2017
A day in the life series: Connecting the dots with Microsoft technology

Welcome to our 'day in the life series', where we explore the direct impact that Microsoft technologies has on the people that use the systems every day. This recount comes from our Technical Director, Martin Clothier.

8 am Tuesday morning. On the shop floor Derek the production supervisor is discussing with his team the day’s production schedule. While they have this stand up meeting an alert flashes up on Derek’s tablet. It seems that the predictive maintenance solution his company deployed as detected an 80% probability that one of the key machines on the line may go down in the next 2 days. Derek see’s that the system has raised a ticket in the Dynamics 365 CRM system for an engineer to take a look – so Derek adjusts the production schedule accordingly to only put a few jobs through that machine letting others take the load.



Penny in Facilities Management is on the train to work. She sees the alert regarding the production machine and logs in to the Dynamics 365 CRM to action the service ticket. She assigns it an engineer. Microsoft flow picks up the ticket and creates a service order in Dynamics 365 for operations and also creates a tightened quality order for the products coming off the line in question.


John the engineer picks up the service order from Dynamics 365 Operations and at the allotted time goes to the machine to start the maintenance job once the current production order has completed. While he’s there he says hi to Alan from the Quality team who is capturing images of the products made on the line with a PowerApp and another Microsoft Flow attaches the image files from his OneDrive and attaches them to the Quality order using an integration built with TI Business Integration Suite.


As John finishes up replacing the worn components and the line re-starts Derek gets the report from QC that the products were fine and have been placed in the warehouse for shipping. Steve the transport planner is looking at past traffic conditions on the lorry’s delivery route and sees a 70% chance of a snarl up on the M6 tomorrow evening – so he re-routes the lorry.


On Thursday...

The goods arrive with Polly in goods-inwards at the customer – and Ronnie the driver captures a signature from the goods in team and uploads the signed document right back to D365O.  Before he drives away, he gets an alert on his phone regarding bad weather in the Didcot area – floods are affecting the roads between him and his next stop, so he re-routes and updates the new delivery time with data from his Sat Nav – a sensor in the rear of the vehicle detects movement in the load – which could mean the products get damaged in transit – again Ronnie is alerted and he pulls into the next services to check everything is ok. Once he’s happy he sets off again to his next port of call.


He arrives back at base 30 mins sooner than expected and his fuel consumption is uploaded into Dynamics 365 so that the on-site predicted diesel tank PowerBI report can be updated with the latest information for Steve the transport manager who delays the purchase of more fuel until tomorrow.


We could go on listing ways in which connecting the dots with Microsoft Technology can develop and improve your business forever – but we’d rather you and your customers took over the story from here…

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