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Transitioning Microsoft Dynamics perpetual licences to Software as a Service

23 November, 2017
Transitioning Microsoft Dynamics perpetual licences

Bought a Microsoft Dynamics Licence and now want to move to the Cloud? In this post, we explore what you need to do.

Not so long ago we all bought software licences, it may be that when you invested in Microsoft Dynamics, it was the only way to buy or that other factors (such as connectivity etc) dictated. These are perpetual use licences that represented a one-off cap-ex investment with annual maintenance fees (software assurance). With the growth in “X as a Service” strategies, more companies are looking for an easy way to transition away from a cap-ex model towards op-ex. What to do with the legacy investment?

The new model

Microsoft recognises the investment made, the commitment to annual fees and customer loyalty. This is reflected in a range of offers and promotions to make moving to the cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS) model easy and cost effective. (And don’t forget that Microsoft Dynamics cloud licences are dual use so address needs for some processes to remain on premise.)

What you can do

For those people on Software Assurance consider that every 6-7 years you have re-bought the software. Moving to a discounted subscription licence provides a more flexible approach to licensing, includes Azure hosting and ensure your system is kept up to date.

End of life servers are a great motivational point to start considering a move from on premise, perpetual licensing to full hosted SaaS.

We’re a Cloud Solution Provider which means that Columbus can manage all your licensing needs and find the best offer for you.

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