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Webinar: A smart roadmap for digital change in manufacturing

16 April, 2018
Webinar: A smart roadmap for digital change in manufacturing

Columbus to host webinar on 8 May in conjunction with The Manufacturer. A recent survey found that 72% of industrial companies in Europe are planning to invest more into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies in the next three years, as they expect them to deliver significant competitive and financial advantages.

Yet despite the widespread optimism, when asked about the challenges of implementing or continuing to use forms of factory connectivity, 64% of participants in the recent Columbus Manufacturing 2020 survey cited high development costs.

Are manufacturers’ concerns about the costs and benefits of adopting new technologies well founded or is there a way to drive real value from digital transformation without breaking the bank?

Busting IIoT myths

On 8 May, Columbus is hosting a webinar titled “Future-proofing manufacturing for 2020 and beyond” to help manufacturers create an effective growth strategy. It aims to give manufacturers a clear understanding of the changes likely to affect them in the next two to three years and help them create a forward-looking and value-driven strategy to capitalise on market change.

Columbus experts will discuss the advantages of leveraging data analytics, share their predictions for the future of the manufacturing industry and show real customer examples where digital change was achieved with minimal disruption.

A case in point: Mazak revolutionises manufacturing efficiency

Expectations are high. In the Manufacturing 2020 survey, when asked what benefits companies expect to receive from factory connectivity, respondents cited flexibility of production, reduced staff costs and energy savings, as well as improved health and safety. In the webinar, Mazak, an industry leader of advanced technology solutions for the manufacturing market, will be highlighted as a prime example of how technology adoption can optimise manufacturing processes with minimum disruption.

Smart factories need smart data

As the Internet of Things continues to evolve and expand, data is becoming the most valued resource in smart factories. Our technology experts will share their insights on the benefits of improved visibility in the supply chain, and why smart factories need to be able to use real-time data not just to monitor, but also to analyse and predict inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Helping you take the first step on the journey to digital transformation

The manufacturing industry is undergoing rapid technological change and manufacturers need to look past exciting new trends and tools to find the technologies that will bring real benefits to them. Join our webinar to learn how to create a value-driven strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The webinar takes place at 2pm BST on 8 May, 2018. Sign up here to secure your place!


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