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columbus lietuva duomenu apsauga
26th June, 2018
Accelerate your digital transformation: 4 key trends to adopt for success

Digital transformation is a complex process that changes how businesses work and go to market with their products, creating long-term opportunities for partners equipped to take customers on this on-going digital journey.

Categories: Digital Transformation

8th June, 2018
Microsoft EMEA: The IoT Design Conference

Thursday 7th June, Microsoft hosted the second EMEA IoT conference at their Reading headquarters. The focus was on positioning IoT technologies, use cases and partner introductions.

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24th January 2018
How data analytics is impacting manufacturing

Big data and its role in manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular with more and more companies using it to gain competitive advantage.

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Digital leadership challenges
21st December 2017
How to manage the challenges of disruptive innovation

Disruption is not only about being proactive to change but being reactive as well; organisations must be agile and need to understand that disruption is a challenge that encompasses the entire business rather than just the IT department.

Categories: Disruption, Digital Transformation, Leadership

18th December 2017
Key trends transforming manufacturing in 2018

Digital transformation has been a key trend for 2017 and will continue to disrupt manufacturing processes into 2018, if you haven’t already, it is time to embrace the change and take advantage of the new opportunities that it brings.

Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

columbus lietuva duomenu apsauga
29th August 2017
Video: The value of digital transformation

Rightly, or wrongly, digital transformation has become a buzzword across most industries this year, so much so, the meaning and the value behind the phrase has become clouded. Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword... watch this video to learn more.

Categories: Digital Transformation

16th August 2017
The recipe for success lies in your customers' digital footsteps

Understanding your customers better than they understand themselves is the key to success. Insight into the customer’s digital behaviour is increasingly becoming a game changer when it comes to giving customers the unique and personal buying experience.

Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

21 July 2017
How to move from data islands with transformative integrations

Are you maintaining data islands in your company, where information can’t get in or out without help from IT? That can be damaging to the business and slow people and processes down.

Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization

10th July, 2017
The evolution of integrations from custom projects to cloud solutions

Today, you can handle integrations in the cloud, where building and maintaining them takes a fraction of the effort that used to be required. Even better, you can repurpose them.

Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

20th June, 2017
Getting prepared for GDPR: The Columbus and Microsoft edition

The world is a vastly different place to what it was when previous legislations were introduced to secure an individuals personal information. In the age of social media, digitalisation and the cloud, the way in which personal information is shared is a significantly different... This blog post is part of our 'ask the Expert' series and was written by Columbus Consultancy Process Practice Director, Simon Noakes.

Categories: Digital Transformation

15th June, 2017
How integrations can help to unite business entities and launch new services

Systems integrations can make a big difference in your ability to launch new services, generate more value from data and systems you already own, and thrive through organizational change.

Categories: Digital Transformation, Corporate, Digitization

14 June, 2017
Take advantage of integrations to create productive and vital business relationships

Your business partners and customers want to engage with your company in a productive manner, based on shared values and objectives. You can make this much easier for them by integrating systems and information sources.

Categories: Digital Transformation, Corporate, Digitization