Reduce the risk of deploying ERP and managing transformation

No matter whether you are new to ERP or have performed previous deployments, you’re likely aware of the risks that are commonly associated with large, complex projects: You might not meet your goals, not finish in time, disrupt operations, or outspend your budget. Too many implementations fall short of expectations.

In hundreds of customer engagements, the Columbus teams have become experts at delivering complex technology projects that meet your success criteria. We have developed business processes and methodologies that mitigate the inherent risks associated with replacing or upgrading legacy ERP.

Mitigating ERP risk through business processes and methodologies

Five ways to mitigate risk

  • Align systems and strategy

    We make your business strategy the guiding principle of your new system and ensure that your systems, data, and processes come together to accelerate it. We take advantage of all ERP-ready opportunities to improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.

  • Optimize business processes

    Refining and defining your new improved processes and roles first is critical to a successful project. Our business process management tool, Columbus RapidValue BPM, comes with thousands of industry-best practice processes built in, so you can focus on the areas that are unique to your company. Doing so translates into shorter implementations, a shorter time to value, and more predictable results.

  • Benefit from industry expertise

    There is no replacement for experience. Over 800 Columbus consultants are engaged in one or more of the practices we specialize in. There are very few industry or business challenges that we have not solved somewhere in the world.

  • Mind the fundamentals

    We apply our skills and resources to reduce your costs, provide thorough training, effectively migrate data, and help you ready your systems for the future. While these activities may often be considered fundamental, they are too often overlooked or don’t receive the attention that is required to ensure a successful implementation. Columbus gives the fundamentals of smart project management top priority.

  • Evolve your solution after the go-live

    Business growth and industry shifts will change your requirements for technology. We adapt your ERP to grow with you. After the go-live may well be the right time to take into consideration the requirements, modifications, and suggestions that were not part of your critical path.