Analytics and business intelligence help you define and accomplish transformational goals

You don’t have the luxury of stepping away from your business to think about it. The Columbus Business Intelligence practice enables you to benefit from strategically sound and practical insight without having to take time out. While you meet revenue and operational goals and outperform the competition, you also move forward the transformation of your business into a digitally powered, fast-moving operation. BI and analytics help you set the right course and stay true to it.

Columbus Business Intelligence tools complement your ERP solution to meet the insight needs of decision-makers anywhere in your organization. Designed to be easy to use and manage, they build on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server to provide you with the analytical, data mining, and reporting capabilities you need. We contribute our best-practice expertise to help you process and store data. Your employees can use the scorecards and dashboards we create to track KPIs and critical metrics and gain business insight in a highly autonomous, self-directed fashion.

Analytics and Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Enable employees throughout your organization with scorecards and dashboards that provide business insight for smarter decision making.

Analytics and BI solutions