The only completely servitised, fully out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 B2B eCommerce solution designed to enhance and enable scale to your retail business in weeks.

Today’s connected customer demands more from your business. B2B and B2C customers alike expect a fast, streamlined experience that caters to their individual needs and wants. Your organisation can exceed customer expectations and increase competitive advantage without monolithic software updates and time-consuming customisations.

Deploy a new eCommerce site in just a few weeks using pre-built templates for a single, fixed monthly fee, covering all required software, services and infrastructure with Columbus.

Maximise the potential and scope of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution with seamless integration to your webstore for a powerful consistently up-to-date customer interface based on a single source of truth.

Learn more about the features and functionality of our comprehensive eCommerce solution.

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eCommerce allows you to connect to your customers in a transformative way while increasing your equity and visibility

  • Reduce data errors
    Seamlessly transfer vital ERP processes and data into a robust, user-friendly web store
  • Minimise manual order handling
    Drive pricing, discounts and more directly to your website without manual interaction directly from Dynamics 365 business rules
  • Offer a seamless, user-friendly customer experience
    Leverage customer engagement and by connecting eCommerce with social media, enabling community sites, and chat. Get insights behind buying behaviours to better tailor your offering and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Grow your business across channels and market segments
    Take advantage of the business analytics and insight tools on the Dynamics 365 platform to understand retail data and target your offerings at the most promising customer segments. Use the same resources to run the online business as a key element of your B2B retail portfolio, which could also include field, catalogue, in-store, and phone sales.
  • Operate from a single source of truth
    Automatically update both your website and ERP, without the need to revisit customised integration pieces, speeding up new feature sets

A seamless customer experience with responsive design gives your organisation the ability to provide an unrivalled webstore experience while gleaning important insights about your most valued stockholders.

Shopping cart
Shopping cart

Let customers use a persistent shopping cart over return visits, and recommend products based on the items in their carts. Customers do not need to refresh the page when they add items to the cart. Remind them via when they have seemingly abandoned their shopping cart. The solution enables an enclosed checkout process with all appropriate choices for payment and shipping options as well as tax.

Flexible product management
Flexible product management

Set up products with simple templates for item types, with images, zooming, and rotation, price and stock figures, size and colour choices, customization options, and more. Organize products and product kits by categories, departments, and brands, with automatic best-seller promotion.

Content management

Build and manage pages with static and dynamic content, including banners, customer reviews and ratings, item carousels, promotions, and product codes. The solution supports unlimited content managed zones within pages on the site.

Customer self service

Let your customers decide what level of interaction and support they want. In Columbus eCommerce, they can control their account detail, view order history, track shipments, simplify reorders, reset passwords, connect with you through chat, verify reward points, and handle their gift registries and gift certificates.

Demand projection

Make it easier to anticipate and meet demand by enabling registered and anonymous customers to designate favourites and set up wish lists. Visualise buying behaviours and trends.


Columbus eCommerce always applies current pricing, applicable discounts, promotional prices, and coupons to customer accounts and customer groups in sync with your business rules. Seamless integration to your ERP means pricing and promotions stay current across all sales channels.

Advanced SEO

We are always updating the solution to stay current with SEO best practices. You can use metatags for products, categories, and departments, and increase site traffic with static product and category pages that search engines can crawl and index.


Columbus eCommerce supports SSL encryption and comes with powerful security features to safeguard the integrity of your transactions, customer data, and intellectual property.

To delight your customers and streamline your retail operations with a fully integrated web store get in touch with us today.