The IoT provides big data insight to fuel innovation and outstanding customer experiences

The internet of things (IoT) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have the potential to revolutionize for the better how companies, their customers, and their business partners connect and make decisions. Some of the largest, leading manufacturers and professional services organizations already make use of IoT big data to transform the customer experience with greater responsiveness and collaboration based on shared goals. For some organizations, the IoT helps them develop valuable new services and fold products into a profitable service model. IoT-enabled data insight can make it possible to anticipate emerging customer needs and accelerate product innovation. It can also bring greater agility and profitability to supply chain management.

Columbus assists you in reaping the benefits of the IoT with minimal risk to your own and your customers’ sensitive data. You can incorporate the IoT into your operation to unleash your company’s potential for innovation in a safe, reality-based manner. What’s more, we make it simple and highly affordable. You can find your own way to IoT value generation and proceed at a speed that works.

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The Internet of Things

“The use of IoT to manage weather and soil is making a huge difference to our farming customers”

Derek Wilson

Information Officer

Origin Enterprises PLC

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