Corporate Social Responsibility 

Columbus signed the UN Global Compact in 2012. We are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible and comply with all relevant laws, standards, and guidelines. We maintain a strong corporate governance structure and communicate openly and transparently regarding our CSR efforts, which primarily focus on human rights, labor, anti-corruption, the environment, and social commitments in the countries where we work.

We account once every year for our development in these areas in our Development on Progress Report. This CSR report is prepared in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act, section 99a. You can review the 2017 edition of the report at CSR report 2017.

Human rights and anti-corruption

Columbus aims to influence all of its employees and business partners to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To ensure the progress of this effort and clarify our position for our stakeholders, we have defined a Code of Conduct as our ethical guideline for business activities. Because we believe that corruption and unethical business behaviors are incompatible with operating a healthy business, we use our Code of Conduct to ensure that we promote ethical business practices and safeguard Columbus from being compromised in this area.


Employees are Columbus’ key asset. Our success depends on our ability to attract and retain the best professionals in our industry. It is crucial that we not only comply with human rights mandates, but also ensure attractive working conditions for our people. This applies particularly to salary, wellbeing, and professional development, and extends to all our subsidiaries worldwide. We have decided that our employees’ working conditions are at the core of our CSR effort.

Social commitment

Columbus is a global business that operates locally and in close proximity to its customers. We believe it is essential for us to be involved in community and charitable activities. For that reason, we emphasize these activities in our CSR report. Committed to giving back to our communities, Columbus encourages and supports employees’ desire to use their time and talent for charity work. Most of Columbus’ subsidiaries engage in local charity.

Environmental focus

Columbus is a business of people. Most of us work out of offices, and the environmental impact of our organization is relatively small. Columbus continuously improves its facilities to become more energy-efficient and healthy working environments. In addition, we minimize unnecessary plane travel and instead promote the practice of virtual meetings, which also improves the efficiency of our business.

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