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LWO Corporation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM implemention
Customer Experience

When your CRM needs are specific, you need a partner with CRM Know How.

Since 1980, LWO Corporation has been dedicated to seeking out sources of high-quality lumber, grown and harvested using sustainable, environmentally-responsible forestry practices. As a measure of this commitment, LWO Corp. has made efforts to source lumber that is third-party certified as being managed and harvested in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Business Situation

LWO Corp.’s basic need in looking for a partner was finding technological expertise for situations which exceeded the knowledge of its team.

“We had implemented Dynamics CRM Online on our own with no training,” says Loren Wohlgemuth, Senior Marketing Specialist. "We quickly realized we were in over our heads in terms of the inner workings of D-CRM.”

Specifically, the organization was experiencing difficulty in making customizations to the core functions they required:

  • Automating the import of leads, contacts and accounts from its previous CRM product
  • Creating workflows which will update custom fields in the leads records
  • Standardizing telephone number formats, etc.
  • Creating custom entity fields to get key information to show up on lead and account views

When considering technology partners to work with, Loren says that he was struck by the personal nature in which Columbus approached his company’s needs.

LWO Corporation chose to partner with Columbus for several reasons:
  • Personal attention to LWO Corp.’s unique requirements
  • The assignment of a reliable Senior CRM Implementation Consultant to its account
  • The quickness and thoroughness of response to LWO Corp.’s needs

“Initially, Columbus was hired on a retainer to help me customize and dial in our leads-importing process,” says Loren. “As we began acquiring more leads, I needed a software that would quickly import and correctly assign the leads to account managers and users.”

The Solution

Loren and his team chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM as their trusted solution, utilizing Columbus as a needs-based knowledgeable resource.

Prior to using Dynamics CRM, LWO Corp. had been working with a manufacturing solution called VISUAL, which had some limited CRM functions that did not meet the organization’s requirements. Plus, the solution required SQL and Access knowledge to create any lists or reports, which was a hindrance for Loren’s team.

We just needed CRM to work more efficiently to meet our specific needs, Columbus was the brains behind that efficiency!

Loren Wohlgemuth

Senior Marketing Specialist, LWO Corporation

Proven Results

LWO Corp. has experienced many benefits in working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Columbus, including increased productivity and an improved user experience through how well data is displayed on the entity views.

“Columbus is quick to respond – usually same day, often within an hour of asking for help,” says Loren. “We’ve been able to customize our installation several times in under an hour, and I’ve been provided – on those calls – with the tools to replicate the fix on my own.”

While LWO Corp does not measure any financials through Dynamics CRM, its staff feels a complete peace of mind when requesting help.

“Columbus is the perfect partner for LWO Corp.,” Loren concludes. “Engaging, responsive, helpful and fun. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of the staff personally, and can attest to the fact that they exist as a company to service my needs. I happily recommend Columbus to my colleagues and acquaintances.”

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