Manage and Track Catch Weights

If cases of your product are sold by the pound, a weight needs to be associated with each case, or an average weight to a group of cases, in order to properly invoice customers. Catch Weight functionality within ColumbusFood is incorporated into all modules that deal with inventory, including:

  • Buy in one unit and pay in another, for example, 10 cases of cheese at $1.15/lb.
  • Record actual weight of each case received, or
  • Record the total weight for a group of cases and utilize the average for each case
  • Inventory of all catch weight items is kept in units and weight, adjustments can be made to either. Both units can be displayed on reports.
ColumbusFood ADC (scanning solution)
  • All necessary transactions provide for the ability to include both weight and units.
  • Items will show both the number of cases and the weight involved
  • Sell in one unit and price in another, for example, 10 watermelons at $.89/lb.
  • Record and show the actual weight for each unit delivered, or
  • Record and show the total weight of a group of items delivered if you used an average weight.

Screen shot of Columbus catch weight management in Microsoft Dynamics

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