Extend the life of your food processing assets

ColumbusFood’s Maintenance Management module is integrated to the rest of the ColumbusFood solution, including being linked to purchasing, inventory control, and the general ledger.

Asset Management

The ColumbusFood Maintenance Management module tracks the status, associated costs and past history of an asset. Assets can be facilities, production equipment, warehouse equipment, or any other type of equipment. Details unique to each asset and asset type, including spare parts and work orders can be captured and tracked back to an individual asset. Cost history is also saved and can be traced to the original source entry, making it easy to grasp maintenance operational costs and activity. Asset downtime can also be recorded and tracked by work order.

Maintenance Categories

ColumbusFood provides the ability to classify maintenance into three categories: repair work, preventative maintenance and other scheduled maintenance. Maintenance costs are recorded and can be broken down by labor, material and contractor cost. Material costs related to maintenance can be both stock and non-stock; the use of stock materials will be reflected in the inventory module.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance schedule, unique to each asset can be developed; schedules can be calendar-based, usage-based, or combined. A history of activities and costs can be captured and users can navigate the history to see details. Unlimited documents, pictures and CAD drawings can be attached and viewed.

Purchasing and Inventory

The purchasing module within ColumbusFood supports the purchase of material and contractor services for maintenance work orders. A user is able to leverage ColumbusFood’s replenishment engine for requisition generation and usage history, reorder point, and min/max levels all help suggest purchase requirements. The purchase order guide helps facilitate and maximize your best purchase order agreement.

Inventoried spare parts can be tracked within ColumbusFood in addition to approved vendors and purchase history. Replenishment, planning and costing logic all follow the same options as other inventory types.

Capabilities Include:
  • Track Assets
  • Automate Work Orders
  • Schedule Preventative Maintenance (PM’s)
  • Create Equipment Spare Parts Lists
  • Manage Spare Part Inventory
  • Track Costs, Including Labor, Materials, Contractor Costs
  • Track Asset Downtime
  • Assess Current Condition of Assets
  • Track Maintenance History
  • Track Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for all Assets
  • Attach Documents
  • Create a Tools List
  • Track Warranties
  • Attach Pictures, Drawings, etc.

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