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3 ways ERP gives you complete control over supply chain transparency
15 June, 2018
3 ways ERP gives you complete control over supply chain transparency

In a highly demanding and competitive produce industry, pressures on produce growers, distributors and suppliers have never been greater.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

6th June, 2018
Technology Data and Analytics are Shaping the Future of Produce Companies

In today’s business world, big data and analytics are transforming nearly every industry, and fresh produce industry is no exception. Challenged by stringent food safety regulations, fear of product recalls, disparate supply chains and quickly perishable goods, the produce industry can leverage data and analytics to effectively mitigate these risks, improve safety and maximize the yields. 

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ERP for Produce, Technology trends for produce companies

Food Image
16th May, 2018
3 Ways Technology Is Disrupting the Fresh Produce Industry

The U.S. fresh-cut fruit and vegetable market is one of the fastest growing segments. It is estimated to be a $27 billion dollar market according to PMA Research and Development. A steady growth is forecasted for the fresh produce industry as it heads toward innovative ways to keep ahead of the competition.

Categories: Food, Inventory Management

4th May, 2018
Top 5 concerns addressed: Ways food manufacturers can be customer-centric

Between now and 2050, the world’s population will increase from 7.2 billion today to 9.6 billion in 2050. This will require a 70% increase in food production, without additional land or natural resources to do so [Source: FAO, UN]. With finite resources, it will take innovation and use of new age technologies to meet the world’s food demand.

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Food Produce
2 May, 2018
5 reasons why fresh produce companies are adopting an ERP solution

The fresh produce growers and distributors are in a challenging business: volatile supply chain conditions, perishable goods, recalls and constant pressure to remain compliant with stringent food safety regulations.

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Craft Brewers
25 April, 2018
We are Excited to Announce Columbus is an Exhibitor at the Craft Brewers Conference

Join Columbus at the Craft Brewers Conference April 30th –May 3rd in Nashville, the largest craft brewing industry gathering.

Categories: Food

Digital Ecosystem: A business leader’s perspective

Are your business processes aligned and organized to the ever evolving technology landscape? Are you maximizing the value of enterprise data to your competitive advantage?

Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meat Processing ERP
8 February 2018
ERP for the Meat Industry

Complete Control of your Meat Company with One Solution.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Automate Data Capture

Meat Processing ERP
31 January 2018
ERP Co-product and By-product for the Meat Industry

Co-products & By-Products: What they are and how to ensure accurate tracking & costing.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Co-products and By-Products

17 January 2018
ERP Batch Planning for the Meat Industry

Ensure profitability: produce consistent and accurate batches.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Batch Planning, Bill of Materials

21 December, 2017
ERP Quality Control for the Meat Industry

Find out how ColumbusFood's ERP quality control functionality helps the Meat and Poultry industry meet their unique ERP challenges.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Quality Control, Data collection

6 December, 2017
ERP Sales Order Processing for the Meat Industry

ColumbusFood helps meat and poultry businesses optimize their processes to enable faster implementations, fewer complexities, and lower total cost of ownership.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sales Order Processing