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Manufacturers run some of the most complex and innovative companies known. You need to be in control of your operations, processes, and resources and make sure they support your strategy and goals. Because your company exists in a network of trading partners, vendors, service providers, and customers, you also need to manage the events and transactions that take place in these important relationships.

How do you best steer your business through such industrywide trends as global competition, increasingly complex supply chains, and rapidly fluctuating markets? What is the best way to take advantage of such opportunities as transforming products into revenue-generating services? Building innovation on a sound ERP foundation optimized for your needs gives you the leverage to move your manufacturing business into the future while efficiently addressing today’s challenges. Columbus has the business, industry, and technical expertise to make this happen in a pragmatic and affordable way.

When we work with you, we address your main priorities and key concerns first. However, you can rely on us to be more than reactive to the challenges and opportunities manufacturers face. Columbus’ innovation and thought leadership also play a role in moving the manufacturing industry forward and helping companies evolve their business models in the digital era.

The Internet of Things is Here Now

See how the IoT can work in your business.

Critical issues we help you address

  • Practice profitable innovation

    Align product engineering and production to get to market faster, with the products and features customers value most.

  • Perform predictable projects

    Plan and manage your resources and materials to bring in manufacturing projects on time, within budgets, with healthy margins, and at the quality you commit to.

  • Master change management

    Don’t let engineering changes turn into a profit sinkhole. Gain the nimbleness to accommodate product changes with optimal resource efficiency.

  • Become a strategic collaborator

    Gather and analyze data from the internet of things (IoT) to help customers use your products to best advantage, improve their engineering designs, and keep them running at optimal performance levels.

  • Keep assets productive

    Increase the lifecycle value of machinery, equipment, fleets, and other industrial assets, and ensure their uninterrupted operation.

  • Deliver valuable services

    After you make delivery, help customers benefit from the full value of your products through timely, proactive maintenance and upgrades.

  • Put the supply chain to work

    Develop mutually rewarding relationships with suppliers, service providers, and trading partners, and make it easy for them to do business with you.

  • Make processes pay off

    From quotation, to production, to delivery and service, sync and simplify your processes to support the most effective delivery of customer value.

Customer experiences

Centralizing Systems to Bring Economies of Scale
Aliaxis Group

Kevin Stacey, working for the UK arm of global fluid transport equipment manufacturers Aliaxis Group, talks about the multi site implementation journey of a new ERP system.

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Positioning for the future

A growing manufacturer takes control of operations, improves insight and looks to the future.

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Streamlining business processes

Acquisition-fuelled expansion had left Wheelabrator almost a dozen disparate ERP systems.

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