innius make IoT easy to implement and review machine assets.

Combining the industrial internet of things (IIoT), the cloud, mobility, and social collaboration, innius makes industrial assets and their performance fully transparent and manageable. Designed for rapid, easy deployment, innius enables the providers and operators of machines, equipment, and other industrial assets to review their performance and achieve better business outcomes.

Through innius, data streams from the IIoT sensors on machines become intelligible in assessing the machines’ performance, operating conditions, behaviors, failure potential, and operator feedback in real time. Maintenance and service managers can use this information to ensure successful operation at desirable service levels, gain early awareness of possible breakdowns, and perform predictive maintenance that avoids expensive downtime and unscheduled repair. In the solution’s collaborative environment, machine owners and their vendors can invite each other to discuss the workings of machines and their components, strategize performance and engineering improvements, or innovate new asset capabilities. In doing so, they can refer to real-life data as well as the full context of machines’ performance and configurations.

All data and complete lifecycle histories of assets captured in innius reside in a secure, highly available cloud repository. This allows you to review and manage the configuration and performance of industrial assets anytime and anywhere, either on mobile devices or on desktop computers. Machine manufacturers and customer businesses can streamline training and ensure operational consistency by making relevant information such as detailed documentation, user guidance, and standard operating procedures available at machine terminals and through the solution itself. They can then be certain that machine operators and technicians are consistently referring to the same, current information.

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