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Digital Ecosystem: A business leader’s perspective

Are your business processes aligned and organized to the ever evolving technology landscape? Are you maximizing the value of enterprise data to your competitive advantage?

Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP Data Analytics For Food Manufacturing
Data Analytics for Food Manufacturing

Real-time visibility enables effective market understanding and process management.

Categories: Food, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, Analytics and BI

How ERP can help food manufacturers manage allergens
Mitigate the Risk of Allergens in Food Production and Distribution

Business interests demand the most effective risk mitigation and consumer protection in the most dependable, efficient, and economic way.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Food waste whitepaper
Reduce Food Waste in Production and Distribution

The right ERP system can help companies stop wasting food and resources,

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM

Systems integration to accelerate business
A Strategic View of Systems Integration

Systems integrations can accelerate your business strategy

Categories: Digital Transformation, Food, Manufacturing, Generic, Columbus Solutions, Integration and Migration, Systems integration

Better demand planning for food manufacturers

How to evolve demand planning to outperform competition.

Categories: Food, Demand planning

Optimizing costs, pricing, promotions and sales for food manufacturers

Are you satisfied with how your business goals translate into accurate costing and healthy margins?

Categories: Food, Microsoft D365, Power BI

How data minimizes the damage of food product recall

Have you had to manage product recalls that could have been avoided or that should have been handled much more quickly and efficiently?

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Microsoft D365

10 Customer Successes
Food ERP Success Stories

Transforming businesses, mitigating risk, building lasting relationships.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM

E-Commerce White Paper
E Commerce For B2B and B2C Companies

B2C and B2B companies find growth in e-commerce.

Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing

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Maximize The Long Term Benefits of ERP

BPM enables companies to reap the long-term, transformative benefits of ERP.

Categories: Food, ERP and CRM, Business Process Management, BPM, Long Term Benefits of ERP

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Increase User Adoption And Effectiveness In ERP

Use BPM to empower people and roles.

Categories: Food