Cooperating Community Programs


How to control costs while maintaining quality services.

Since 1979, CCP (The Cooperating Community Programs) has been working with people with disabilities to create satisfying lifestyles. Realizing each person has different lifestyle wants, needs and abilities, CCP provides a variety of in-home and group support services that foster independent living.

Business Situation

Without sacrificing patient-care quality, CCP wanted to find ways to trim their operating budget. They knew that their first priority had to be getting an understanding of the core issues that were driving up overtime and administrative expenses. CCP started looking for software solutions that would give them greater insight into their business, allowing them to boost productivity and cut administration costs. Getting better reporting was at the top of their “must-have” list. Ideally they’d be able to find an accounting and payroll system that would integrate with CareVoyant, their patient-care system.

The Solution

After a comprehensive evaluation, it was clear that Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management system with Human Resources and Payroll was a great fit for CCP because it integrated seamlessly with CareVoyant, the system CCP was using for patient-care management and Medicare/Medicaid processing.

One of our first insights was that we were paying a fortune in payroll processing fees. By bringing payroll in-house using Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll, we recouped our money in just 18 months!

April Bauer

Finance Administrator, CCP

Proven Results

Microsoft Dynamics GP from Columbus was a great fit for The Community Cooperating Programs, and CCP quickly saw the return on their technology investment. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Saving over $100,000 per year on payroll administration expenses.
  • Dramatically reducing overtime expenses by improving hiring forecasts.
  • Improved decision making by being armed with timely financial information.

CCP continues to work with their partner, Columbus, to streamline their systems and processes. In the near future, the Community Cooperating Programs wants to begin taking full advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics GP’s human resource solution to manage employee’s certifications, training, and the annual reviews of mandatory requirements. The integration of this information into Microsoft Dynamics GP will reduce paperwork and provide assurance to all that employees and facilities are continually in compliance with state and federal law.