Shea Family


Improve productivity and decision making.

Shea Family serves a group of affiliates that constitute the premier providers in post-acute care in San Diego. Shea Family and their affiliates will continue to invest in the technological changes that the industry demands.

Business Situation

Shea Family wanted to improve productivity and decision making from the transactions and reporting being done. The finance department had three important areas they needed to improve:

  1. Reduce the amount of time to process accounting data and perform month end closing.
  2. Reduce time to route, approve and retrieve documents, such as vendor invoices.
  3. Provide an enterprise reporting and budgeting tool for finance and management to extract, consolidate, analyze and to make better and quicker decisions.
The Solution

Working with their partner Columbus, the Swarm soon decided that Microsoft Dynamics GP on Azure would be the best fit for their needs. “The old way was to download data into a spreadsheet – ticket utilization, season ticket holder data, promotions," says Clem. "Before implementing Dynamics GP on Azure, we were not able to utilize data like player stats, game stats, and airline ticket costs per player, hotel costs, and payroll.” But now, Clem anticipates that his financial team, using Dimensions in Dynamics GP, “will be able to analyze the cost per player, per game. It will help us to be more efficient. We don’t have millions of dollars for operations, so we have to operate efficiently.”

The BI360 tool will allow us to continually enhance our KPI’s as our business evolves. The entire suite was the most cost effective bundle of the products we identified.

Steve Arndt

CIO, Shea Family

Proven Results
  • Improved productivity of accounting & finance departments
  • Improved enterprise-wide decision making
  • Improved enterprise document management productivity