Microsoft has now released the year-end update for GP Version 2015, 2016 and 2018. All Canadian Payroll year-end updates should be released mid-to-late December. Links to the updates are available in our Step-by-Step PDF guide.

Access the Step-by-Step Guide

Per our usual recommendations, please contact Columbus Support prior to installing this update or any service packs, or to schedule assistance with our team. We request that you do not install the update prior to receiving confirmation that your customizations and companion products are compatible.  This confirmation will come from Columbus.

All users will need to be out of GP during the update. The update will need to be installed on every workstation or server where GP is installed locally.

After the update is installed, we recommend copying your live company data into a test company and running through a payroll check process and a payables check process in the test company to be sure everything processes properly. (We do not anticipate any issues, but this is always a good idea after an update.)

Not a Columbus client but need help with year-end?

If you’re stuck on year-end closing processes and procedures don’t stress. We’re here to help! Contact one of our experts today to get back on track in preparing your business for a successful year ahead.

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For our GP Payroll Customers Only:

Our recommendation is to install this update just after you have completed payroll in the upcoming weeks, to allow lead time before deadlines for your next check process. (For US, the year-end update can be installed at any time after companion products are compatible… you do not need to wait until all 2018 payrolls are completed. (For Canada, the Canadian Payroll year-end update needs to be installed after all 2018 payrolls have been processed, and prior to 2019 payrolls being processed.)