Build a lasting, productive relationship with your technology partner

Our customers are our lifeblood and we aspire to keep them forever.

As you run and grow your business on a modern ERP infrastructure, new challenges will come up in your systems and processes. Technology will require upgrades. Maybe there are new business groups or locations to bring on board. Your people need training and education. Your processes change and technology needs to follow suit. We take the time to get to know your company, key managers, and business objectives. We earn your trust so you let us assist you through a variety of challenges and opportunities.

We have organized our lifetime customer support into a service portfolio called ColumbusCare. In ColumbusCare, you find the service levels, pricing schemes, and value-added services to help you run and optimize your ERP system and the solutions that connect to it. From software fixes and solution enhancements to accommodating large-scale changes in the business and the way you operate it, our global teams are dedicated to your success.

Just like you aim to deliver the most rewarding, productive customer experience, we try to exceed your expectations from the first conversation throughout the life of your business. ColumbusCare support professionals are dedicated to customer organizations, so you can always connect with people who know your business and systems.

Columbus will regularly ask for your feedback and use the results to make improvements. As part of our Columbus 2020 strategy, we invest in making systematic improvements in all our value streams. It is our goal to earn from you the highest customer loyalty rating in our industry.