Keep your systems secure and running smoothly

Columbus offers Infrastructure Management options tailored to your specific needs. With three core service plans, Columbus can monitor, maintain, or manage your IT infrastructure.


Take the guesswork out of IT by improving your knowledge of your systems, which facilitates better technology planning and budgeting.


MaintainIT takes the most neglected IT task (updates & patches) and replaces it with proactive maintenance on all servers, workstations and equipment. This improves performance, eliminates security vulnerabilities and insures optimal performance.


A full Managed Services experience is available with our ManageIT plan. ManageIT combines the benefits of MonitorIT and MaintainIT, while adding additional layers of security, support and strategic IT planning.

We provide comprehensive IT assistance from help-desk support, to CIO-level consultation, leaving you with improved tech performance, predictable budgeting and increased productivity. By partnering with Columbus, you insure that your technology is always working in support of your business goals.

5 Key Benefits

Align IT Strategy

We align your IT strategy with your business strategy to assure that your IT investment fully supports your business investment.

Reduce IT Risks

We reduce risk from equipment failure, cyber-attack, downtime and data loss.

Control IT Costs

We decrease your IT expenses through optimized performance and improved IT budgeting/planning to create predictable monthly costs.

Strong IT Team

We provide access to a team of enterprise class resources with specialized skills and industry certifications.

IT Know How

We take the mystery out of IT by providing the knowledge, insight and expertise you need to make the right decisions for your organization.

Case Study

“Columbus takes care of our critical technology needs so we get to do what we do best.”

Paul McLellan


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