Mobility enables employees anytime, anywhere

Modern mobility is an essential asset for your business transformation. It eliminates needless barriers and empowers people to perform their jobs effectively and deliver a high-value experience to your customers. For employees who live a digital lifestyle, mobility can also make the difference between a workplace that challenges them to be more productive and invites their personal contribution, and one that doesn’t.

Mobile solutions from Columbus are easy to deploy, learn, and use. They come with standardized, best practice-based processes that you can implement out-of-the-box. Using existing IT skills, you can easily fine-tune these processes to your operation, or create new ones. Our mobility solutions integrate fully with your ERP system. That means transactions and events that take place in the mobile realm are immediately recorded there, so you can review and manage them. Columbus mobility solutions support the most common operating systems and the mobile devices your employees use—such as smartphones, tablets, mobile terminals, and barcode readers.

Mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Columbus’ fully integrated mobile solutions empower your employees while improving your customer experience