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Pienas LT

Reports that help you make business decisions

"By using Power BI we can control and analyse company’s finance, sales, purchases and stocks."

About the company


Agricultural Cooperative “Pienas LT”

“Pienas LT” is the largest open cooperative of Milk Producers in Baltic region that provides high added value dairy products for global market. So far, the biggest investment of “Pienas LT" is one of the largest dairy processing plants in Europe that is situated in Kaunas FEZ. From the beginning of year 2017 the factory has been producing cream and dry high value-added dairy products according to the most advanced technologies. These products are intended exclusively for export markets. 


Description of the solution


Power BI business analytics tool and Columbus Lithuania reports were implemented for “Pienas LT” cooperative. Their purpose was to allow dynamic, informative and quick analysis of business indicators. Reports cover main business processes in the company, allows to monitor sales, purchases, finance, stocks and other data within Microsoft Dynamics NAV thus enabling more effective business decisions.

• Financial reports  for long-term and short-term liabilities, capital analysis and assessment of the company’s performance.
• Sales reports   allows tracking the trajectory of sales and profitability, analyse returns, identify the best customers, evaluate the work of sales managers, control buyer debts and the history of co-operation.

• Purchase reports  – suitable for the assessment of suppliers' utility and product prices, analysis of purchase refunds, helps to control cash flow and make timely payments to suppliers.

• Stock reports  – helps to ensure an optimal level of inventory, to evaluate the turnover of goods, to reduce the amount of goods seized in the warehouse and to timely realize end-of-life goods.

Columbus Power BI screens

 Associative illustration.


Why Columbus?


Columbus was chosen to implement the tool because:
• reliable industry and technology expert with experience in food industry and business intelligence tool implementation;
unique reports that meet the needs of business;
the Power BI team consists of competent, certified consultants and programmers;
• the number of Power BI customers and good feedback on reports and collaboration;
• clear and constructive communication during the sales process.


Project results


Columbus Power BI reports package for “Pienas LT” was implemented in Q1, 2018. It consists of Finance analytics, Sales analytics, Purchase analytics and Stock analytics. The solution was also supplemented and tailored to the specific needs of the milk sector companies (deductible fat content and other quality parameters for the product unit).

By using Power BI the customer controls and analyses company’s finance, sales, purchases and stocks. Power BI is also used for creating new necessary reports and using them for decision making and enterprise control.

The customer uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 ERP system to keep track of all major business operations. Columbus has integrated Power BI with the ERP system, so the data for analysis is now in real time, and the Power BI tool updates it several times a day. By using the Columbus Power BI solution, the customer saves costs due to reports that no longer need to be realized in the ERP system.

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