Our People Approach

Our people approach is based on recognizing YOU as an individual and also providing YOU an environment where YOU can truly operate in an effective team.

With Columbus, YOU grow as an individual and also as part of a TEAM.

We hire a mix of young and experienced professionals, and we love to see people growing in great careers and roles in Columbus. We invest our efforts on the following areas, keeping YOU in the center.

Engaging with YOU

We believe in providing an open and transparent environment where your voice is heard and acted upon. Columbus is a flat organization that promotes team work and entrepreneurship; that means you get the opportunities to perform on challenging assignments that offer high visibility and the freedom to bring-in your true self at work with the accountability to deliver.

Communication is a two-way street and to this end we listen our employees through Columbus Heartbeat that measures our employees’ satisfaction every month. As a company committed to full transparency, we update our score every month on our web sites.

Helping YOU to Grow

We believe that you are key to our success in the business and making YOU grow continuously in your skills, competencies and career will ultimately lead to our customer’s success.

Columbus has invested in a structured organization wide Career and Competency Framework (CCF) program. CCF drives the process of identifying the existing and target proficiency level of knowledge, skills, ability and critical behaviours required to be successful in a given role. This activity aligns us in setting up the ground work for your continuous development.

Developing YOU

Each year, we spend 10 percent of our earnings annually on Learning and development which is channelled into a structured and professional program that consists of robust training courses that enables you to achieve your professional growth.

Appreciating YOU

We believe in the culture of Appreciation through the organization ranging from peer level interactions to team efforts. At Columbus, your every effort, big or small, contributing to our success is appreciated and rewarded.

Happy YOU

We believe in Work-Life balance and a holistic approach to your well-being. At Columbus, you are able to balance personal priorities with professional commitments benefiting from our flexible work arrangements, Work from home facilities and employee wellness initiatives.

Empowered YOU

We believe in trusting you, treating you as a responsible employee and empowering you with decision making.