Columbus focuses its solutions and resources on three important industries—manufacturing, food production and distribution, and retail. Our solutions extend Microsoft Dynamics with end-to-end functionality for the specific processes and events in manufacturing, food, and retail companies. You begin by realizing your goals and strategies for a productive, competitive operation. You also benefit from our innovation and leadership in ERP, cloud, mobile, IoT, and social technologies to gain a lasting advantage in digital business transformation.

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22 February, 2018
Six ways to digitally empower manufacturers

We have reached an era where how digitally empowered you are determines, how successful you will be.

Categories: Digitization, Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

15 February, 2018
Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: The benefits for manufacturers

The relationship recently forged between optimizing productivity in manufacturing, and increasing customer satisfaction has somewhat disrupted the manufacturing industry.

Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365

15 February, 2018
Ready, set, move: A controlled, predictable, and productive transition to the cloud

So, you’ve decided the cloud is for you and we’re not surprised, there are many reasons to like the cloud… Virtually limitless computing resources are available, and they can scale to meet your needs with minimal notice. All you pay for is what you actually use, not what you might one day use.

Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365