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Updating infrastructure and processes

Bateel needed to update its infrastructure and processes to support the new growth and link the different parts of its business together.

Business Needs:

Bateel International is a rapidly growing luxury food producer and retailer specialising in dates and other gourmet confectionaries. The Bateel processing units buy from their own farms and then sell the finished products on to the company-owned and franchised retail outlets and cafes, which are already established across many parts of the globe.

Bateel had developed its own in-house software for financial, warehouse and production management which it had been using for the last seven years. But it needed to update its infrastructure and processes to support the new growth and link the different parts of its business together. Any solution needed to accommodate the unique structure of the company easily, ensuring efficient operations. Hariprasad Nair, Finance Manager at Bateel International, says: “One of the main problems we were experiencing was an inability to automatically feed data about production cost into our financial systems.”

Following recommendations Bateel approached Columbus, a global business consultancy that has a large client base in manufacturing, distribution and retail across around the world.


Bateel considered other solutions but realised that Microsoft Dynamics was the ideal solution for its needs. Not only could the system be quickly implemented to reflect the company’s structure and processes but they could rely on the industry expertise of Columbus.

Columbus worked with Bateel to implement Microsoft Dynamics throughout the group. Bijoy Chandrabalan, from Columbus, said: “Along with technical implementation specialists, Bateel also had access to our business consultants with extensive experience in the manufacturing sector to help the company optimise its processes.”

The first phase of the solution was implemented for Bateel in just 90 days. The implementation of the similarly configured solution for the operation was completed in just 15 days.

Columbus has already integrated the company’s existing retail store management solution with Microsoft Dynamics and new solutions linked to the core Microsoft Dynamics to run the growing number of Bateel retail outlets and cafes. Bateel is now able to run all operations on a common environment based on Microsoft Dynamics.


As Bateel continues to expand its company and franchised retail and cafe network worldwide, it now has an efficient core infrastructure for data sharing. “Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics, we can control all our operations and get more refined information shared across all parts of the business production cycle,” says Hariprasad Nair.

Streamlines implementation.

With specialised expertise in business solutions for manufacturing and retail, Columbus could implement the exact solution Bateel needed to streamline business processes and support growth.

Controls inventory and business flow.

Bateel can easily track and manage inventory by location as it goes through the production life cycle. Visibility has greatly improved from any point within the chain, ensuring that the right amount of stock is available to meet production and distribution schedules.

Improves reporting and analysis.

Bringing its operations onto a common system means that senior managers can get consistent data delivered to monitor and analyse business performance. Integration with the retail outlets ensures data is available in a timely manner. “We can now automatically post end-of-day sales data to the back office and analyse it every morning,” says Hariprasad Nair.

Reflects organizational and financial structure.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most flexible supply chain and financial applications available to medium- sized businesses. “The main impact it has had for us is integrating all our businesses,” says Hariprasad Nair.

Speeds adoption.

As well as being quick to implement, Microsoft Dynamics starts to deliver benefits from day one because employees generally don’t need extensive training to access and run the solution. “Microsoft Dynamics is easy for our users to learn and use effectively,” says Hariprasad Nair.

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