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Georgian Leasing Company

Boost of efficiency

Minimized business risks and boost of efficiency with the solution ColumbusLeasing.

Client orientation, well managed processes, fast operations and flexibility – these are key success factors of GLC, strongly supported by business management solution ColumbusLeasing.

Business challenge

After establishment, the company was continuously growing and faced issues with scattered business information:

  • Centralized customer database did not exist. This made sales decisions harder and slower, because customer historical data were difficult to find and evaluate.
  • Contracts, schedules and amendments had been prepared manually, followed-up via emails; documents versions were not monitored in a correct way.

Company's management indicated possible risk that different departments can operate with different information: sales department with their own versions of contracts and schedules, and financial department with different ones.

Increased amount of contracts required more work forces at financial department and increased the risk of human mistakes.

Therefore, decision was taken: search for relevant ERP solution, which could help to eliminate indicated risks and manage growing business more efficiently.

Project results

  • Overall efficiency increased by 60 per cent.
  • Almost 3 times decreased preparation time from proposal to customer contract – now it takes approx. 10 min., in comparison with 30 min. before solution implementation.
  • Preparation of all contract documents became almost 3 times quicker – now it takes approx. 20 min., in comparison with 45-60 min. before solution implementation.
  • 3 times more contracts can be managed with same number of financial department employees, as receivables handling is automated and optimized.
  • 60 per cent reduced time of reports preparation.

Cooperation with Columbus

Nata Melitskauri, CFO at GLC: As ERP in our company did not exist, company risk was high from two perspectives: accounting and client relationships. After implementation of ColumbusLeasing, those risks and potential business challenges were eliminated. The main benefits from ColumbusLeasing implementation are: improved time management, decreased levels of risk, increased quality of work and results reliability. Collaboration with Columbus was very comfortable. The team has provided to us high competence, the best quality and professional service. I do recommend Columbus as reliable, competent and responsible partner.

Giorgi Pkhakadze, Leasing Manager: Cooperation with Columbus was very helpful and mutually productive. With deep understanding of Leasing business, Columbus team realized our demands with high precision and on time.

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