Columbus Leasing Solution

Leasing and loan process management has always centred on multiple systems to manage schedule calculation, contracts and accounting. Companies are often at possible risk when sales and finance departments are operating on different versions of contracts and schedules. Lack of traceability and data being scattered everywhere could potentially impact the contract monitoring and profitability.

Columbus Leasing is specialized ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for leasing companies, which enables to manage every aspect of the main lease/loan processes, starting with quotation, up to expiration of leasing/loan contract.

Fully covers lease and loan companies' processes

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Business benefits of Columbus Leasing powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Up to 60% increased overall performance efficiency
  • Up to 3 times decreased time for documents preparation
  • Up to 3 times more contracts managed by one employee
  • Up to 60% less time for reports preparation

Dynamics NAV ERP for leasing and loan process management

Increase leasing performance efficiency up to 60% and manage 3X more contracts by one employee with Columbus Leasing solution.

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