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Luciano Cunha

CEO, To-Increase

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha, CEO of To-Increase

Luciano Cunha is CEO of To-Increase, an affiliate of Columbus. Luciano will lead To-Increase as it continues to move from developing and marketing business applications for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and becomes a key player for Asset-Centric solutions for engineering, manufacturing, servicing, rental and leasing, and customer-centricity.

To-Increase collaborates with customers, partners, and other ISVs to deliver best-of-breed solutions to meet highly-specific industry needs. This vision has underpinned To-Increase since it was founded, and it led to the company’s 2005 merger with Columbus.

Luciano Cunha’s previous positions include:

  • Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, To-Increase
  • Global Industry Director, To-Increase
  • Americas Regional Sales Director, To-Increase
  • Director of Information Technology and Research and Development, Penloyd LCC